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Pangolins are in dire need of tougher CITES protection

Estimates suggest that at least one million pangolins have been traded in the past decade. Although there is no population data for any pangolin species, the levels of observed trade and the patterns of exploitation strongly suggest that all pangolin species are in decline and that trade is the primary reason


Mapping crime: a resource for World Pangolin Day

The map is intended as a regularly updated resource for use by anybody working in pangolin conservation as well as for general interest and is based on a subset of poaching and seizure incidents from 2000-15, derived from publicly available records, from primarily English and Chinese language sources


On World Pangolin Day spread word of unique creature’s plight

February 21 is World Pangolin Day and to mark the occasion we’re pleased to publish this guest blog from Darren Pietersen, chairman of the African Pangolin Working Group, a not-for-profit organisation based in Africa which undertakes research and conservation activities on pangolins in various African countries