Cyclist with EIA t-shirt

Supporter stories

Without our amazing supporters we wouldn't be able to investigate and campaign against environmental crime and abuse. Thank you to each and every one of you.

Equity says farewell to Mary Hooley. She retired after nearly 44 years of service. To thank her for her commitment and dedication, her employer Equity made a donation to the Environmental Investigation Agency as Mary is a long-standing EIA supporter and campaigner on animal rights.


Ricky and friends

Ricky, member of the EIA Finance Team, took part in the Virtual London Marathon with friends in his local park. He completed the race in 4:22:25. “I smashed my record by over an hour and what a relief it was at the end… I struggled at the 18-mile mark all the way through to mile 22 and used all my strength on the last four miles!. Running a marathon is a personal achievement but fundraising for a charity to make a difference is more exciting. For years, I have been interested in Wildlife documentaries including feline species.  The tigers and lions are my personal favourites.  In the wild, their numbers have severely declined due to poaching and illegal trade. It’s extremely worrying.  These are majestic animals that we should save!  It’s my personal privilege to fundraise for EIA for their investigative work on wildlife, climate, forests and Ocean.  They are doing a great job!”.


Environmental crime can have devastating impacts, with implications for both humans and nature. The EIA makes important contributions to countering environmental crimes by gathering vital, verified intelligence and campaigning for more ethical and sustainable practices. By drawing on 30 years of experience, the EIA targets its efforts where they are most necessary and will be most effective. As a volunteer with the Wildlife team, I have observed this crucial work first-hand and appreciate the need for the EIA’s work now and into the future. I look forward to further promoting the incredible work of the EIA in the build-up to the London Marathon 2021, and trust that all money raised will be effectively spent in support of the EIA’s important climate, forests, oceans, and wildlife work.

Yvonne and Lulu

Yvonne and Lulu

Yvonne Fernando (NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach) is aiming to raise £3,000 in aid of EIA and four animal charities. To support people during these unprecedented times, Yvonne has created a meditation recording for everyone to try and she is running a series of weekly, virtual circle of support.

Hello Week provides a positive space to gather with others and focus in on how you are and your week ahead.

For a free meditation recording or to attend Hello Week through November, December & January in exchange for donations visit Yvonne's website.


Maggie’s Magic Wardrobe


Fern has kindly donated £250 to EIA in August. She donates 10 per cent of her profits to a charity each month. She sources vintage and used designer clothing which she restores for sale, via her pages on Facebook and Instagram.

“With Maggie’s Magic Wardrobe, I wanted to do something that lets people buy clothing but without the terrible environmental and human rights costs that so much mainstream fashion now comes with and that also fits with people’s growing desire to reuse and recycle” said Fern.



Carlo and Gosia in Victoria park

Carlo was our official EIA London Marathon runner in 2020 and he will also take part in 2021. Carlo joined tens of thousands across the UK to brave the elements on Sunday 4 October and complete the race remotely only supported by the London Marathon app, and he did it in 3h49! His partner Gosia followed him on her bike to support him on the day. She is also aiming to raise £2,000 in aid of EIA. Carlo and Gosia make the perfect team!

Ready for the London to Brighton cycle!

"As a second year environmental science student, I am concerned about the future of planet Earth. Campaigning and encouraging both staff and students at my university to live more sustainably has made me understand the various challenges our planet is facing. I also feel strongly about the illicit wildlife trade that continues to threaten the survival of elephants and rhinos, significantly impacting the future of healthy ecosystems. More needs to be done to stop poaching and there is a need for closer links between conservation and the environment. This is why we need EIA now more than ever! To support them I have cycled from London to Brighton, a total of 55 miles, and raised £411!" Sajni

Walking the Camino Frances

"As soon as I decided to walk the Camino Frances I chose some charities to support with my 770 km journey. I've recently started to follow the work of EIA and wanted to contribute. Raising awareness on wildlife conservation and environmental issues in the midst of the global crisis our generation faces right now is more important then ever. I couldn't be more grateful for all the people I've met on foot or on wheels who proved that travelling is possible even in vast distances without significant impact on the environment." George

Iain, Will and George on Everest

Iain, Will and George trekked to Everest base camp to raise vital funds for our work. Iain said: "It was an extraordinary experience and will live with me to my dying day. I’m so glad to have been able to raise money for EIA, which I have supported for the last 30 years. They do such a lot to fight wildlife crime and to draw the world’s attention to the plight of endangered species, at risk to themselves at times."


Protecting the environment means everything to me - if we can't safeguard our environment, we will all suffer. I think I first read about the EIA in a BBC News article a few years ago, and I was very impressed by the work your organisation carries out. The work is critical as it is about exposing the criminal networks behind poaching and the illegal wildlife trade.

Fredrick, EIA regular donor

Gary Hodges has held numerous fundraising auctions and events down many years for EIA, selling his famous pencil drawings of wildlife. Gary said: "I’m passionate about wildlife and especially adore elephants, both drawing them and being with them. I feel so privileged to have spent some of the best times of my life being surrounded by these gentle giants in their homelands of Africa and Asia."

Justin ran the London marathon for EIA. Justin said: "I’ve witnessed its work for more than a decade and have seen the kind of ground-truthing that sets EIA apart from other organisations tackling wildlife crime. And while some organisations may spend hundreds of thousands on an investigation, EIA offers incredible value for money, using its 30 years of experience to focus efforts where they will be most effective. Every pound donated towards my double marathon challenge will go towards EIA’s great work to investigate illegal trade in wildlife and timber, and to combat climate change. We need EIA now more than ever."

"I believe that EIA deliver a vital service in their undercover investigative work and as a small team use the money I donate in the most effective way. I feel desperately concerned about the state of our planet. All the concerns that I was aware of as a young mother in the 1970s have become mainstream issues now but governments are still procrastinating and some problems such as climate change are becoming irreversible.. I really fear for the future and that my descendants will have to live in a world devoid of much of the natural beauty that gives me so much joy."
Catriona, EIA regular donor