Our campaigning

Campaigning is central to our work as we strive to influence decision-makers for better protection of the environment. To achieve campaign goals we use the findings of our unique research and investigations, along with our expertise, to pro-actively press for change.

One example is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the multilateral treaty seeking to prevent species becoming extinct as a result of trade. At the major Conference of Parties and other meetings, we input in advance via reports and briefings to advocate for stronger protection measures. Our seasoned campaigners also frequently make interventions on the conference floor to ensure key information isn’t overlooked or buried. 

We also use our findings, following an exhaustive process of verification, to inform organisations and individuals on the front lines such as enforcement agencies, policy makers and civil society. These briefings advise the organisations on a range of matters such as the details of illegal smuggling routes and operations and the identities of key criminals involved in illegal trade.  

Our Campaigners in action

As well as campaigning to influence policy makers we work to influence corporate behaviour through engagement with businesses.  For example, we’ve worked with supermarkets to reduce their plastic outputs and campaigned for the website Amazon to remove whale meat from its virtual shelves. 

Finally, as a collaborative organisation we often share the findings of our investigations and research for the greater good, working with other NGOs in coalitions to better achieve common goals. We also spread word of our work via the media, social media and other communication platforms to inform and engage our followers and supporters, to better to spread awareness and add to the pressure for change.