Working at EIA

Want to know what it's like to work at EIA? Some of our current staff share their perspective.

“Working at EIA has meant putting my skills and training to use in speaking the truth on behalf of the environment. I have always appreciated EIA’s ethos of courage, independence and integrity, and the sense that we are contributing to real and much-needed change. I have valued the flexibility we are afforded to work in ways that suit the individual. EIA staff and volunteers also represent a diverse range of backgrounds and so we are always learning from each other, from the experience and expertise of long-standing staff to the insights provided by newcomers joining us from different sectors and from around the world.”
Aron, Wildlife Campaigner

“I’ve learnt so much during my time so far at EIA. Working in a small team has allowed me to work on all aspects of a campaign that covers industry, policy, technology and science. Although small, EIA packs a punch and it is very rewarding to see the impact of our work in enacting change at a global level. I have also been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places all over the world. Working at EIA means working with smart, dedicated, inspiring and passionate people who get results.”
Sophie, Climate Campaigner

“Having worked in the third sector for over a decade, the thing that struck me most about working at EIA is a  sense of teamwork and community within the organisation. My role involves working with everyone in the organisation and no matter how immersed they are in their work, everyone is always professional, approachable and kind-hearted.”
John, Trust and Statutory Fundraising Manager

“It’s great to be able to employ my skills and experience with an organisation that works so diligently towards an entirely positive vision “A future where humanity respects, protects and celebrates the natural world for the benefit of all”. It was evident from the day I started that this diverse bunch of EIA people are hugely capable and focused on the challenges at hand, whilst still affording time to be warm and friendly! I work to ensure this organisation gets the best out of its digital assets, and I feel privileged and inspired to be alongside those with so much positive drive and determination. If I’ve learnt anything in my time here, it’s that this small organisation makes a massive difference.”
Chris, Digital Implementation Manager