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On World Pangolin Day spread word of unique creature’s plight

February 21 is World Pangolin Day and to mark the occasion we’re pleased to publish this guest blog from Darren Pietersen, chairman of the African Pangolin Working Group, a not-for-profit organisation based in Africa which undertakes research and conservation activities on pangolins in various African countries


Armoured against predators – except wildlife criminals

Illegal trade in ivory, rhino horn and tiger products receives a relatively high international profile, far more so than the fast-growing trade in pangolins for their meat and scales – in just a few short years, this quiet creature has become the world’s most trafficked mammal


Untouchable? Wildlife crime kingpin Vixay Keosavang

Vixay Keosavang is one of the most ruthless and prolific wildlife criminals operating in South-East Asia today. Some call him the “Pablo Escobar of animal trafficking” in Laos, the tiny one-party communist state bordered by Myanmar, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam that continues to harbour him