Piggy bank


We recognise the important responsibilities we have towards wildlife and the environment, our donors and supporters, staff and the public. We ensure that we are accountable and transparent in all aspects of our work, and in how we use the funds that are so generously donated for the work we undertake.

Where do we get our income from?

Twelve per cent of all our income was donated by kind people like you. Project grants make up the majority of our other income.*

How much do we spend on administration, governance and fundraising?

8p of each pound spent was used for fundraising, admin and governance.

How much is spent directly on projects?

92p of each pound spent was for projects tackling wildlife crime and protecting the environment.*

Our staff work hard to protect threatened species and tackle environmental abuse, and keep the organisation running effectively. We know that you are as passionate as we are about seeing real results for wildlife. So, we are committed to ensuring value for money in everything we do and this includes how we remunerate our staff. We operate a policy that is fair, equitable and consistent to attract, motivate and retain capable staff who have the skills and experience needed to implement the work we do, and get the results you expect of us.



For every £1 given we spend:

92p on investigating and campaigning for environmental protection

8p on fundraising and governance



*figures are a consolidated view of EIA UK (not for profit company 7752350) and EIA Trust (registered charity 1145359, and Ltd company 7844550). The figures are derived from the most recent (2017) audited accounts of both organisations.

For a full understanding of the financial affairs of EIA UK and EIA Trust please see the financial statements and reports of both organisations directly at the Charity Commission and Companies House.

For further information please read our recent annual reports and accounts.