Leave a gift in your Will

Let your passion live on, please remember EIA in your Will

Leaving a gift in your will is easier than you might think. It’s not complicated or something only the rich and famous do. After you’ve taken care of your loved ones, even a small percentage can make a huge impact.

By 2030, our campaigns and investigations will have increased the protection of our natural world. We will do this by addressing the climate, biodiversity and habitat crisis through reductions in environmental crime, abuse and exploitation, securing lasting change with rigorous evidence gathering, analysis and advocacy.

Since 1984 we have been at the forefront of tackling wildlife and environmental crime and abuse. The scale of the problems we face can be disheartening. The truths we uncover can be shocking. Our programmes of work build on decades of nail-biting undercover investigations by a small group of tenacious activists and result in hard-hitting campaigns targeted at those who can make a difference. From exposing the mass slaughter of dolphins and porpoises in Japan, to securing a global ivory trade ban, obtaining an agreement through the Montreal Protocol to phase out harmful gases that significantly contribute to global warming and the adoption of new regulations in Europe to curb imports of illegal timber to protect forests globally...

Why leaving a gift in your Will matters

A gift to EIA in your Will is an investment in wildlife and habitat conservation for generations to come. Together we have already achieved so much, but we must keep the pressure on to:

  • Secure the future of beautiful and endangered species including elephants, tigers and pangolins from the threats of transnational wildlife crime
  • Protect pristine forests from illegal logging and aggressive exploitation of natural resources
  • Safeguard global marine ecosystems from man-made threats to whales, dolphins and porpoises
  • Reduce the impact of climate change by eliminating powerful greenhouse gases
    Tackle plastic pollution in the UK and globally.

Co-founder and EIA UK director Jennifer Lonsdale reflects on the enduring legacy of an environmental organisation like no other.

It’s been 35 years of constant challenge. Particularly depressing is the ruthless exploitation by insidious environmental criminals who care only about their greedy, destructive short-term profits. In contrast, it is humbling to know that some people have supported us since the 1990s and with such loyal supporters on our side, we owe it to them to be here for the long run even after they're gone, thanks to legacy gifts.

Jennifer Lonsdale OBE

Since 1984 EIA has been at the forefront of tackling wildlife and environmental crime.

To discuss remembering EIA in your Will, you can give us a call on 020 7354 7960, fill out our contact form (selecting ‘Legacy’ as the type of enquiry), or send us a letter to EIA, 62-63 Upper St, London, N1 0NY.

We recognise that your bequest intentions are a personal matter and you may wish them to remain confidential. However, should you wish to inform us that you have remembered EIA in your Will, please complete our Legacy-pledge-form and return it to us.

Thank you for considering remembering EIA UK in your Will.

I wanted to leave a gift in my Will to EIA as, for a very small organisation, it carries out such vitally important work particularly on the environmental front which many others miss out. The ground-breaking reports that they produce (sometimes carrying out very dangerous undercover work) helps put pressure on governments around the world to clean up their acts.

Ruthie, EIA Supporter


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