The Wildlife Art Society International

Huge thanks to The Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI) for nominating EIA as the beneficiary of their annual exhibition!

This show celebrates TWASI’s 30th anniversary and is hosted by Nature in Art, Gloucester, from 28 May to 5 June 2022. The official launch takes place on the evening of Friday 27 May, when Jenny Lonsdale OBE, co-founder and trustee of EIA will open the exhibition.

TWASI is a large society of approximately 230 members. Each year they nominate a conservation charity to support. This year the profits from all TWASI events, including this exhibition, will benefit EIA. Thanks to Gemma Waters, EIA supporter, TWASI member and artist for her nomination!

More information on TWASI is available on their website.

The exhibition will be open every day 10am – 5pm. Entry is free (there is an additional charge to visit the museum).

Nature in Art have also had a long association with EIA, most particularly with artist Gary Hodges who has supported us through his work for decades.

Protecting Tigers in the Wild with Intelligence

This year, Nature in Art are kindly organising a free webinar on 31 May from 7.30 to 8.30pm presented by Debbie, EIA Tiger and Wildlife Crime Campaign Lead and Mel, Head of the Intelligence and Investigations Unit. February marked the dawning of another Year of the Tiger and we started out as we mean to continue, with a call to the Government of China to get serious about protecting this iconic species and end policies stimulating demand for tiger body parts and products. To hear about Debbie’s outstanding work investigating and campaigning for the protection of tigers and other big cats in the wild, please register on Nature in Art’s website.

For more information on Nature in Art, the world’s first museum dedicated exclusively to fine, decorative and applied art inspired by nature, please visit Nature in Art.

Note: This art event will help raise funds for EIA, UK Reg. Charity No. 1182208. The funds will be generated by the proceeds from the TWASI raffle and any surplus accruing from TWASI activities and designated as a charitable donation by TWASI Council.