Our volunteers help campaign, communication, fundraising, and administration teams and can be involved in a range of work such as research, translation, website blogs, data mining and events. However, volunteers at EIA are never involved in undercover investigations or take part in overseas campaign work.

There are currently no available volunteer opportunities.

Kindly revisit this page in the future for any updates.



What some of our volunteers say:

"I have always been interested in the environment, and ultimately chose to study it as part of my master’s degree in Anthropology, Environment and Development.

"Upon graduating I wanted to gain some experience in the environmental sector, so I could improve my knowledge and learn more about the practicalities of working in this field.

"Through volunteering at EIA I have had the opportunity to contribute to numerous projects, including those focused on palm oil sustainability and illegal wildlife trade. This has allowed me to build on my own research skills, whilst providing me with an insight as to what is involved at each stage of an investigation and how it all comes together."



"I have been deeply committed to environmental protection for as long as I can remember which has led me to pursue Environmental Sustainability further in masters.

"Prior to this, I had the opportunity of volunteering at EIA over the summer. This was particularly pertinent to my interests in environmental crime protection and prevention, a subject I wish to pursue as a career. I was able to work on several important tasks all the whilst learning about all the various roles and responsibilities that make up EIA, further reinstating my passion for the protection of our environment."



"Moving to London for a career in advertising, I soon became aware of opportunities to be involved with a passion of mine, wildlife. Or, to be more precise, the protection of wildlife. 

"Answering a call for volunteers, I began helping EIA with design and copy. Later, probably because they were short staffed (but I prefer to think a good judge of character!), I was fortunate to be involved in other valuable areas such as fundraising and research – and just as fortunate to meet passionate people from all walks of life who shared a belief – the natural world is for the benefit of all.

"I’ve helped EIA, save for the occasional break, for 28 years. It’s still the same old place. Full of committed, driven people committed to creating change through knowledge and giving wildlife a seat at the table."