Give £5 a month and help investigators undercover

Caged tiger

£5 a month could help pay for digital voice recorder pens used to record meetings with wildlife criminals and corrupt officials.

Give £10 a month and help gather valuable evidence

Dead elephant

£10 a month could help pay for photographic equipment such as memory cards that an investigator would need to document criminal activities.

Give £15 a month and help investigators on the front line

Using GPS

£15 a month could help pay for covert GPS systems that can help track illegal timber flows in real time.

£10 could help fight illegal ivory trade

Burning ivory

£10 could help uncover evidence on the ivory trade to share with international agencies like Interpol and the United Nations.

£25 could help expose the criminals at the heart of illegal logging


£25 could help pay for covert GPS systems that can track illegal timber movement in real time.

£50 could help investigators undercover


£50 a month could help fund undercover investigations on the frontline to expose and stop the illegal trade in tigers and tiger parts.


Join EIA in the fight against wildlife crime

Join us as we expose the criminals who threaten our planet.

From deforestation and climate change to protecting endangered species and oceans, we’re committed to investigating and exposing any activity that harms our planet. But we need your help.

Our investigators work in very challenging conditions to expose illegal practices – often providing valuable information to Interpol and customs agencies worldwide. But we rely on the generous support of the public. It costs between £10,000 and £20,000 to run a single investigation and, without the generosity of people who care about protecting our planet, criminal networks will continue to operate with impunity despite the damage they cause. So please, help us fight environmental and wildlife crime with a gift today.

 Collecting evidence of de-forestation


Diligent, carefully planned undercover investigations are at the heart of EIA’s work, taking us out to the front lines of environmental crime and returning with the credible intelligence and persuasive imagery needed to confirm the findings of our preliminary research and tip-offs from the field.

The more complex cases can see investigators setting up false front companies and produce well-researched fake identities, allowing them to infiltrate criminal organisations and get close to the key individuals involved.

Help us investigate wildlife crime
EIA Campaigning


The evidence sourced in the field is used by EIA to raise awareness and to advocate for meaningful change and policy reforms, lobbying those in power and producing authoritative reports and compelling short films.

We also identify and advocate solutions to the problems we expose, a major focus of which is the role played by consumer demand for products harming the environment, from illegal logging to supermarket refrigeration.

Help us expose illegal threats

Punching above our weight

Join us as we expose the criminals who threaten our planet.

EIA is a small organisation making a big difference. We don’t have flashy offices or huge salaries but instead, we give great value for money by focusing our resources on the vital work which has made us one of the most effective conservation organisations in the world.

To keep making a difference we rely on the generosity and vision of our supporters, who understand the importance of protecting our wildlife and our environment.

For every £1 given to EIA we spend:

pic chart showing spend

78p on investigating and campaigning for environmental protection

17p on overheads and running costs

5p on fundraising and communications

 Customs checking imports


EIA works closely with a number of other organisations, developing close partnerships with NGOs around the world as well as engaging with wildlife and customs enforcement agencies at national and international levels.

For example, we have provided hard intelligence to Interpol and the World Customs Organisation, while our bespoke training films on illegal trades are used by enforcement agencies worldwide. We also work with local communities, providing them with valuable training and empowering them to protect their environment.

Help us empower local communities
A pile of elephant tusks

Global reach

From uncovering criminal syndicates behind the decimation of elephant populations in Tanzania to exposing the illegal trade of animal parts and products in China, our commitment to protecting wildlife and the environment has no borders.

When we discover corruption, greed and exploitation that puts our natural world in jeopardy, we do everything we can to expose and report it to the relevant authorities.

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