EIA at 40

In the countdown to EIA’s 40th anniversary later this year, we are featuring films and stories from our archive, highlighting our work exposing environmental crime and abuse around the world.

The billion dollar trade in merbau ravaging Indonesia’s last intact tropical forests

Released in 2005, The Last Frontier documented how the rampant smuggling of illegal timber from Indonesia to China was a billion dollar trade threatening the last remaining intact tropical forests in the Asia-Pacific region

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Leading the fight to end the wild bird trade

Today, we share an edition from 1991 detailing our efforts to bring down the international trade in wild-caught birds.

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Whaling in the Faroe Islands, where mass slaughter stains the seas red with blood

In 1985, the Faroe Islands, an autonomous territory of Denmark, was conducting what was then the world’s biggest hunt of whales, killing hundreds of long-finned pilot whales killed each year.

Unlike Japan’s industrialised commercial whaling, these hunts (grindadráp in Faroese) are organised at a community level, with pods of whales driven to shore and killed in shallow waters with spinal lances.

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Helping to secure the international ban on the commercial trade in ivory

We begin with this edition from 1989, detailing how we exposed the workings of the illegal ivory trade following a two-year investigation, naming dealers, their companies, the countries in which they operated and the routes they used to smuggle poached ivory.

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