The Urgent Need for a Fossil Fuel Treaty

The Urgent Need for a Fossil Fuel Treaty - The primary cause of our climate system spiralling out of control is fossil fuels, which release significant quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) across their lifecycles, from extraction at coal mines and oil and gas wells through to combustion in our homes, factories and vehicles.

Quick Reflections on the Zero Draft

Ahead of the third session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC-3), the Chair, in cooperation with the Secretariat, has prepared a Zero Draft (ZD) of the text to form the basis for negotiations to develop a new legally binding instrument to end plastic pollution.

An Indefensible Practice: Iceland’s commercial whaling in the face of climate, economy, welfare and biodiversity concerns

Iceland’s last whaler has sought to justify the killing of endangered fin whales by claiming their slaughter will help Iceland achieve its climate goals. In this briefing, EIA’s Ocean experts debunk his spurious assertions and call on the Government of Iceland to finally institute a permanent ban on all commercial whaling.

Investigator magazine: The big CITES meeting in Panama – an overall win for wildlife

Inside, you can read about the wins for wildlife we helped to secure at the big CITES CoP19 meeting in Panama as well as news of all our major activities. EIA has seen rapid growth in the past few years and, recognising the need to ensure we remain effective, at the beginning of 2022 we engaged specialised external support to help us initiate a change and transition programme. Examining our strategy, culture and structure, as well as strengthening leadership and teamworking, we have embarked on an ambitious consultative process across the organisation which will continue through and beyond 2023.