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Working to end New Zealand’s role in the blood ivory trade

New Zealand’s legal domestic ivory trade is booming and authorities have confiscated more than 700 pieces of illegal ivory since the 1989 global ivory trade ban. Will the New Zealand Government commit to an ivory crush event, a public awareness campaign and a ban on the ivory trade altogether?


From the archives: the ivory report that changed everything

In response to devastating poaching levels in the 1980s, the international ban on elephant ivory trade went into effect after the 1989 CITES Appendix I listing of African elephants. This landmark decision led to a dramatic reduction in elephant poaching across much of Africa as ivory prices plummeted


Hitting the pain barrier to help fight ivory trade agony

It’s just a few days until I run Brighton Marathon, when the funds I raise will support EIA’s Elephant Campaign. Thousands of elephants continue to be slaughtered for their ivory, despite a ban that came into force 25 years ago. Unbelievably, many legal markets still exist around the world