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Young voices worth hearing on UN World Wildlife Day

Today is UN World Wildlife Day and this year the event is themed around the concept of ‘Listen to the young voices’ In this spirit, we’re handing today’s blog over to the thoughts of some of EIA’s younger family and friends


MPs listening to you over closure of UK ivory market

I want to let you know that your call to tackle the poaching of wild elephants was heard. We are making progress. Thank you so much. We wouldn’t have made this progress without all of you who donated and urged your MPs to speak at yesterday’s debate to shut the UK ivory market


Illegal trade is still pushing the vaquita to extinction

Despite commitments and international attention, work to save the world’s most endangered marine mammal are proving inadequate – without urgent coordinated action from Mexico, the US and China, the extinction of the vaquita seems inevitable as, despite efforts by the Mexican Government, illegal fishing still continues