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Investigator Week: The stress of living a double life

In this Investigator blog, one of our undercover investigators talks about the stress of maintaining an undercover identity which has a drastic impact on personal life and means you may be contacted at any time. However, the importance of undercover investigations in exposing criminal activity is a powerful reward


The good, the bad and the endangered – wildlife wins and losses at CITES Standing Committee

A packed agenda saw a wide range of issues raised, from tiger farms and domestic ivory markets to management of seized timber stocks and guidance for demand reduction programmes. We were busy preparing and making interventions coordinating with other NGOs in preventing over-exploitation of wildlife worldwide

Tiger staring

Embassy obscures the truth of China’s wildlife trade

At a meeting held with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs in London, the Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, H.E. Liu Xiaoming, gave a speech on Chinese efforts to combat wildlife trade, including the 2016 revision of China’s Wildlife Protection Law