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A pangolin being hold by a person

Diaries of spirits departed …

Pangolins are being poached extensively and are now one of the most frequently-seized species in South East Asia. Overhunting to meet demand for their body parts has resulted in population declines which increases their value and drives further poaching in a scenario similar to the trade in rhino horn or tiger skins.

A composite i2® chart that shows trans-Himalayan connections in the skin trade, revealed through skin seizure events and telephone records.

Charlotte Davies describes how intelligence can help save species

The gathering, analysing and sharing of information to identify and combat environmental crime uses raw information as the starting ingredient; they connect, unite and enhance pieces of information into a more cohesive whole, called intelligence, giving a portrait of crime; where it’s happening and how to combat it

Tiger in a tree

This month the tiger team have been mostly …

It feels like we are approaching the end of a journey. This year, the Year of the Tiger, will see the highlight of the Global Tiger Initiative (GTI) process with a gathering of world leaders in St. Petersburg in September. Followed by a rock concert!