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Getting graphic to show the scale of environmental crime

The true global scale of wildlife and forest crime doesn’t become apparent until you look at all these environmental abuses as a single whole. Wildlife and forest crime is a serious, transnational crime, alongside human trafficking, money laundering, arms trade and drug dealing. It’s worth at least US$17 billion a year


EIA bids a fond farewell to head of fundraising Janet

After nearly five years, I have decided to move on to new challenges in a different field but I know that I will never be far away from the EIA family. Working as Head of Fundraising here has been quite a roller coaster, I have been living in interesting times and have no doubt picked up a few grey hairs along the way


Charlotte & Justin reflect on their marathon efforts

In the aftermath of their Herculean efforts in the Brighton Marathon, Charlotte Davies and Justin Gosling quiz each other about what motivated them to run – and what kept them motivated all the way to the finish line