Volunteering to help EIA keep making a world of difference

My first involvement with EIA was when my dad Paul, who is the Press & Communications Officer, asked me whether I wanted to be in the Amazon Sells Whale Meat campaign film.

I said yes and a month later (February 2012) EIA filmmaker Paul Redman came to our house and started to film. It actually took a whole 12 hours (well, at least it felt like it!) to set up the camera and the lights. I had no idea how many lights there were exactly since there seemed too many to count them!

Finally we started to film and we had to do lots of takes when my mum (who was also helping) had to slam our laptop closed, without breaking it. This was because she was either looking in the wrong direction or smiling or doing it too slowly or quickly. I had a great experience that day and was pleased to be helping a charity.

When the film was put out I was anxious as to whether or not Amazon would agree to stop selling whale meat. Thanks to everyone who participated it was a major success and Amazon agreed to not sell whale meat any more.

Since then, I have always been interested in EIA’s work and what it does to help save forests, endangered animals and the planet.

Rebecca transcribing ivory interviews in EIA's London offices this week (c) EIA

Rebecca transcribing ivory interviews in EIA’s London offices this week (c) EIA

EIA is very different to many other charities that specialise in wildlife because it is small but has a big influence. It is not afraid to say what is wrong and it does all it can to prevent dangers to the environment. I admire EIA because when there is a problem, it tells you accurately what it is and what you can do to assist.

Recently, I have been volunteering at EIA in my summer holidays by transcribing elephant interviews filmed in The Philippines. I had wanted to help but I wasn’t quite sure how so I inquired whether there was anything that needed doing and I got to help out in the Communications Department with Emma.

I’ve loved helping out because everything EIA does goes to a worthy cause, and by volunteering I have improved my chances of getting a job when I am older.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you found it useful as an insight into what it is like to volunteer at EIA.