EIA bids a fond farewell to head of fundraising Janet

Friday was my last day at EIA. After nearly five years, I have decided to move on to new challenges in a very different field but I know that I will never be far away from the EIA family.

Working as Head of Fundraising here has been quite a roller coaster – as the wise man would say, I have been living in interesting times and have no doubt picked up a few grey hairs along the way.

I have also picked up some wonderful friends, a lot of great memories and experiences, and the privilege of being part of a truly unique and effective organisation.

I was recently asked what makes EIA special and have no hesitation in saying that it is the passion and dedication of its staff who always go the extra mile, no matter how difficult that may be.

I feel honoured to have been a part of what they have achieved, from protecting forests from devastating illegal logging and protecting indigenous communities from corporate exploitation to stopping internet giants from selling whale meat, exposing the massive scale of elephant poaching and  investigating the horrors of tiger farming – the list is endless, and all done on the minimum of resources.

I know I will stay in touch and always be involved in some way, and so depart raising a glass or two to a truly unique organisation.