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Hitting the pain barrier to help fight ivory trade agony

It’s just a few days until I run Brighton Marathon, when the funds I raise will support EIA’s Elephant Campaign. Thousands of elephants continue to be slaughtered for their ivory, despite a ban that came into force 25 years ago. Unbelievably, many legal markets still exist around the world


Untouchable? Wildlife crime kingpin Vixay Keosavang

Vixay Keosavang is one of the most ruthless and prolific wildlife criminals operating in South-East Asia today. Some call him the “Pablo Escobar of animal trafficking” in Laos, the tiny one-party communist state bordered by Myanmar, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam that continues to harbour him


Another year over and a new one just begun …

Concerted action to combat climate change remains elusive, the illegal wildlife trade is booming and exploitation of natural resources such as forests far exceeds capacity to regenerate. One underlying cause for this disconnect is the failure to adequately implement and enforce laws designed to protect the environment