Climate Week: What on Earth are we doing – and what can we do to avert crisis?

This week is Climate Week at the Environmental Investigation Agency, a look at the work done by our dedicated Climate campaigners, the issues on which they focus, their successes and the real-world changes they make.

In a series of specially written reports, each day we’ll take you into our Climate work and closer to the biggest issue facing the planet in human history.

The work of our Climate team is about far more than investigating the trafficking of climate-harming gases and pressing for meaningful change to avert catastrophe – it’s an issue intimately connected with all that we do, from our Forests and Ocean campaigns to our Wildlife work.

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The clock is ticking – a wake-up call the planet can’t afford to sleep through

A letter from the planet Earth – “I fear for my life, for the future of me”

• World leaders again fail to take tough action to meet the climate crisis

Just how are we to keep our cool in a warming world?

An ocean apart – major report issues stark warning on ocean climate impact

Fighting climate crime with Customs – a letter from Kiev

Global warming doesn’t exist in isolation and fighting it will need all life on Earth


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