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Happy Ozone Day! (or why the Montreal Protocol is still vital)

An entire book deserves to be written on how the world’s big chemical companies have cynically sought to undermine the science of climate change with the sole aim of raking in more profit but on World Ozone Day it’s important to focus on the positives and consider why the global ozone regime remains as relevant as ever


Too little time at CITES CoP16 for threats to tigers

Hard-fought battles that commenced years ago have come to a constructive and logical conclusion in the interests of sharks, manta rays and rosewoods. For Asian big cats, there was a good decision that will review of efforts to combat illegal trade and to end trade in parts and products of captive-bred tigers

Tigress T17, Ranthambore National Park, India.

CITES: ‘Short shrift for the tiger and Asian big cats’

Our Tiger Campaign head, Debbie Banks, reports back from the CITES CoP16 meeting in Bangkok that only 15 minutes were allotted to tigers which is extremely disappointing. However, the meeting did at least decide to review implementation and compliance of various Parties in respect of CITES reporting requirements.


History repeating: The illegal trade in rhino horn

Rhino populations are being hammered by poachers, pushing the species ever-closer to extinction to satisfy demand for rhino horn in Vietnam and elsewhere – yet despite 668 rhinos being slaughtered by poachers across South Africa in 2012, there are indications it is contemplating pushing for a legal trade in rhino horn