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Spreading the e-word – are you a clicktivist for EIA?

The knowledge, passion and unswerving dedication shown by all the staff here is truly inspiring and is the lifeblood of the organisation. Which got me wondering – with all the unique investigative work that goes on here, why don’t more people know the name EIA?


Bengal tigers roadshow tours India’s Sundarban villages

A unique initiative to raise awareness about threatened Bengal tigers and the mangrove forests they inhabit has been touring villages in India’s Sundarban, received energetic responses from the huge gatherings comprising locals and stakeholders living in the villages bordering the tiger reserve


EIA, breaking the news and making headlines in 2011!

These are just the tip of the iceberg in what’s been a highly productive and busy year for EIA, one in which we also played a key role in achieving a groundbreaking agreement on timber trade between the European Union and Indonesia, and kept tabs on supermarket promises to get rid of greenhouse gases in their fridges

Elephant Hope poached in Kenya

Misinformation and the curse of the ivory ‘experts’

The documentary Blood Ivory Smugglers, following EIA undercover investigators in Hong Kong, China and Kenya, makes its UK premiere on Nat Geo Wild; EIA co-founder Dave Currey was one of the team being filmed and here reflects on his experiences of campaigning against the ivory trade