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Composing the soundtracks of environmental crime

In this blog, Jamie Elkins, our Visual and Equipment Coordinator, talks about how he came to love music and apply that passion to writing music for the EIA. Music is an important part of making our films engaging and Jamie takes us through the process of making music for EIA.


Geraldine earns her EIA stripes at Tiger Time night

I was asked to help with the preparation work for the Tiger Time event A World Without Tigers?, at the Royal Geographical Society on October 7. The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation had invited EIA to talk at the event in order to raise awareness of the precarious plight of wild tigers

Clare Perry from EIA filming in Japan

On the trail of Iceland’s trade in fin whale

The Nat Geo Wild film about our investigation into the trade in Icelandic fin whale in Japan aired in the US on Tuesday. The investigations we did in Iceland and Japan now feel like a distant memory; so much has happened since, although I believe as these things go the film was actually put together in record time


Today is our blog’s first birthday!

EIA is a special place. From the outside people often mistake us for a much larger organisation, or perhaps a governmental body and quite frequently The Environment Agency. I have taken many calls from grieving residents who have rats at the bottom of their garden