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Press Release

Companies urged to reject HFC-23 credit trade

Under the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), credits for the destruction of hydrofluorocarbon-23 (HFC-23) have created an unwarranted market for the production of HFC-23. We urge 10 major UK businesses currently financing these projects to stop dealing in these flawed and environmentally detrimental offset credits.


Chilling Facts II

The Co-operative Group’s green and ethical credentials are called into question in this new survey. We found the Co-operative Group used the ozone-destroying refrigerant HCFC in 50 per cent of its depots and has recently refitted stores with HFC-based refrigeration instead of more environmentally friendly alternatives


Environmental Crime

A report showing the scale and impacts of environmental crime and calling for strong political will to tackle it as a matter of urgency. Environmental crimes broadly include: illegal trade in wildlife, smuggling of ozone- depleting substances, illicit trade in hazardous waste, illegal fishing and illegal logging