EIA celebrates the end of three years of work

A short film showing the remarkable success of EIA’s 3 year training project in Tanzania. It reveals the fascinating and thought provoking documentaries, produced under the project, that are being used to campaign for social and environmental rights throughout Tanzania.

The Last Edit – Our Voices, ‘Sauti Zetu’ from EIA.

Tanzanian activists learning to edit and the ‘magic’ of making films. A short film about the final edit workshop conducted as part of EIA’s 3-year training programme in Tanzania, funded by DFID.

The Tanzanians in this film and many others have given me an incredible amount of joy and endless inspiration during my time teaching as part of EIA’s 3-year training project. Please take the time to watch their work and understand their lives. I hope you manage to feel a fraction of their warmth, compassion and willingness to learn that I am fortunate enough to have experienced. The project is finishing but this is only the beginning as our partners continue to use their skills and distribute their stories. We have also launched a new website – www.sauti-zetu.org – for our partners to continue to tell their stories to a global audience. So, browse to your hearts content, and keep an eye on further news from EIA’s ground-breaking training networks.

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