Justin’s marathon double helps us to fight eco crime

Two months from now I will have completed the London Marathon. After winding 26.2 miles through the capital’s streets, I expect to feel somewhat overwhelmed, a combination of fatigue, physical pain, elation and bewilderment – not least because just one week earlier, I will have also run Brighton Marathon.

Two marathons on consecutive weekends. That’s a little over 52 miles, or 84km. Writing this now, I feel quite afraid.

I’m doing the double to raise much-needed funds for the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). I’ve witnessed its work for more than a decade and have seen the kind of ground-truthing that sets EIA apart from other organisations tackling wildlife crime. And while some organisations may spend hundreds of thousands on an investigation, EIA offers incredible value for money, using its 30 years of experience to focus efforts where they will be most effective.

These marathons won’t be my first, but I don’t find them getting any easier. Since starting training in December last year, I’ve struggled to keep up the running while travelling for work. I’ve shivered in sub-zero temperatures in Scandinavia and sweated in the heat and humidity of South-East Asia. Last weekend I ran through the sticky streets of Bangkok, starting at 6am to beat the heat. Running a marathon isn’t easy but I find the training itself much harder.

Every pound donated towards my double marathon challenge will go towards EIA’s great work to investigate illegal trade in wildlife and timber, and to combat climate change. We need EIA now more than ever.

If you’d like to support EIA, please sponsor me through this link to Virgin Money Giving. It only takes a minute and all funds go directly to EIA (and if you live in the UK, please don’t forget to Gift Aid).