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CITES support to end tiger farming is welcomed

During discussions at the 17th Conference of the Parties (CoP17) to CITES, several member states including Lao PDR overruled a proposal from China to delete a Decision to end tiger farming. This is a powerful message that shows the rest of the world can see that tiger farming has no place in tiger conservation.


EU must rise to challenge of plastic pollution-free future

A groundbreaking new global vision for a future free from plastic pollution has been released by a network of 90 NGOs. The vision lays out 10 principles, the ultimate goal being ‘a future free from plastic pollution’. It represents the first step in a global movement to change society’s perception and use of plastics

A Dolphin in the Ocean with a plastic bag stuck around its middle

Bin the bags to stop oceans from choking on plastic!

For International Plastic Bag Free Day, EU member states are reminded they have just four months left to break free from single-use plastic bags. The historic deal agreed in 2015 as a first step in tackling marine plastic pollution should cut the number of bags Europeans use each year by more than 75 per cent by 2025.


Putting tigers on the agenda at the European Parliament

Wednesday’s event on tiger trade in the European Parliament, hosted by Neena Gill MEP, was a great success and a valuable opportunity for MEPs, the European Commission and other stakeholders in the European Union to obtain first-hand information from the NGOs on the ground about the tiger trade


Indo Govt urged to act on timber firms violating the law

In an unprecedented show of political will, four Indonesian Ministers – from Environment and Forestry, Trade, Foreign Affairs and Industry – have issued a joint press release on the importance of the timber legality system and the preparations that need to be concluded before issuance of FLEGT licences can start