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China’s tiger farms are a threat to the species

There are now 5,000-6,000 tigers kept in more than 200 facilities across China – many in horrific conditions and exhibiting symptoms of severe mental and physical distress as well as genetic deformities – in an industry which has sustained and stimulated demand for tiger parts and drives the poaching of wild tigers


Illegal trade still a major risk for endangered rosewoods

Since the listing of Siamese rosewood on Appendix II of CITES virtually all trade has been characterised by crime, fake and illegitimate permits, failures in permit verification and the killings of hundreds of illegal loggers and dozens of forest rangers. Despite this, significant risks of ongoing illicit trade persist


China leadership holds future of wild tigers in its hands

As global attention turns to Beijing, EIA calls on China’s top decision-makers to take a global leadership role in ending demand for tiger parts and products by ensuring tigers are not on a list determining which protected wildlife species can be traded commercially within the country