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  1. […] for Commerce, (Download here) released by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), in conjunction with Humane Society […]

  2. […] International and the Natural Resources Defense Council) has declared that the company may be receiving profits from the hundreds of whale products offered for sale on its Japanese website. The report, titled Killing for Commerce, details how […]

  3. Yahoo! Japan says:

    […] IT z reguły nie mają zbyt dużo wspólnego z wielorybami. Jednak opublikowany ostatnio raport Environmental Investigation Agency sugeruje, że Yahoo! ma z tymi zagrożonymi wyginięciem ssakami […]

  4. […] na svojim servisima i dalje nudi stotine proizvoda od kitova i delfina. Podaci su to izvještaja Killing for Commerce objavljenog od strane EIA. Navodi se kako je ova nekada popularna svjetska kompanija u cijelom […]

  5. […] thanks to the Environmental Investigation Agency for their report on Yahoo! and the recommended strategies to permanently end the sale of whale and dolphin meat on Yahoo! […]

  6. […] Mayer was appointed new CEO of the company this summer, some weeks after EIA launched its report and campaign for Yahoo! to follow in the footsteps of Amazon and unequivocally ban all whale and […]