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On Borrowed Time

Illegal fishing of protected totoaba fish in Mexico’s Gulf of California and their subsequent trafficking and retail as part of transnational organised crime are responsible for the rapid decline of vaquitas, the world’s most endangered marine mammal.


Roadmap to Closing Captive Tiger Facilities of Concern

Tiger farming represents a significant animal welfare problem, with issues including indiscriminate breeding, crowding, inappropriate housing systems, genetic abnormalities causing acute suffering, cruel practices perpetuated in order to better control animals, inhumane slaughtering practices, poor diet, and early removal of cubs from mothers.


Application of Article XIII

Article XIII of the CITES Convention is an important provision to encourage remedial actions by Parties found to be inadequately implementing the Convention. EIA has prepared an analysis of key compliance matters in key countries China, DRC, Lao PDR and Nigeria given their persistent non-compliance and/or significant roles in wildlife trafficking globally.