EU F-Gas Regulation Handbook: Keeping ahead of the curve as Europe phases down HFCs

An online resource intended to serve as a guide for companies and consumers affected by the EU F-Gas Regulation, detailing where the hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) phase-down came from and what it means for the new European marketplace.

The successful implementation of the EU F-Gas Regulation also has implications for international markets and efforts to control HFCs across the globe.

The Handbook outlines the main impacts and details why producers, importers, exporters, operators, manufacturers, contractors and national authorities should take early proactive measures to ensure swift implementation.

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1 – The HFC Phase-Down

2 – Producers & Importers

3 – Manufacturers

4 – Operators

5 – Contractors

6 – National Authorities

Annex 1: Key Terminology