Officials handling confiscated wildlife items including tiger and leopard skins

EIA podcast – how wildlife criminals are working from home under pandemic lockdown

The global coronavirus pandemic has dramatically curtailed the way human society functions, impacting on just about every aspect of modern life – but some things never change and wildlife crime has continued throughout the crisis.

Just as many of us have been compelled to work from home, so too have wildlife criminals and our latest research shows that many have adapted swiftly to changing circumstances to continue their deadly trade.


Podcast – What on Earth?

How wildlife criminals have adapted to work from home under pandemic lockdown


Welcome back to the EIA What on Earth? podcast.

This week, Wildlife Campaigner Rachel Mackenna talks with Press & Communications Officer Paul Newman about how the global pandemic has impacted on illegal wildlife trade – and how traffickers have found new ways to work which could ultimately mean even more pressure on endangered species in future.

If you’ve enjoyed our podcast and want to know more about this story, check out our new research.


Paul Newman

Rachel Mackenna