£10 could pay for a memory card

Forest monitor

Our investigators and forest monitors use these to photograph evidence of illegal activity.

£30 could pay for a microphone

Lorries transporting logs

This would be used to record the testimony of witnesses.

£100 could pay for a GPS tracking unit

Using GPS

This could help investigators or Forest Monitors to track wildlife and forest criminals in real time.


Illegal deforestation in Myanmar has reached appalling levels. Will you support further investigations with a gift?

Every year, hundreds of millions of pounds worth of timber is being stolen from forests within Myanmar and then smuggled over the border to China with the help of criminal networks and corrupt officials.

Faith Doherty explains how we’re helping people in Myanmar to protect their lands

 Trucks transporting logs


Deforestation is a major issue in Myanmar. The sheer volume of timber being transported across the border into China (despite a ban on such exports) is staggering. A huge driver of this activity is China’s enormous wood processing industry. Timber from Myanmar is sold on to the furniture and construction industries with ease. But the clearing of land for the building of dams is also playing a huge part in the deforestation.

Currently, corruption amongst officials and border guards means that the criminal networks behind these operations are able to operate with impunity. But with such huge amounts of timber being driven into China, this situation is simply not sustainable for Myanmar’s communities, who rely on the forest for their livelihoods, or the country’s extraordinary wildlife and biodiversity.

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Forest Monitors

We are currently working with forest monitors in Myanmar who have been extremely busy with documentation that has been used to expose the real situation on the ground. But they are in need of more people to help with this work who will then also need to be trained.

These communities want to protect their forests by exposing the people and organisations that threaten them. They are under no pressure to take on these responsibilities but they need our help to do so.

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Memory card for storing evidence


Microphone for recording testimony


GPS unit for pinpointing illegal activities and monitoring boundaries


Compact camera for documenting illegal activities


Video camera for documenting illegal activities and filming testimony


Laptop for storing and editing images and video


Drone to document forest cover

 Red panda in a tree

Species in danger

Myanmar contains the second largest area of tropical forest in Asia. It is also one of the world’s top ten biodiversity hotspots.

Aside from its own natural beauty, the forest is home to an incredible array of species, including red pandas, tapirs, snub-nosed monkeys, clouded leopards, pangolins, sun bears, elephants and tigers.

There are also new species being identified all the time – so there is a huge risk that species may be wiped out before even being discovered if we don’t take action.

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Further investigations

Building capacity for Forest Monitors is one of many ways that EIA is helping communities to protect their environment. We work all over the world, exposing and reporting forest and wildlife crime to the relevant authorities.

But we rely on the support of generous people who want to stop the destruction of the environment and hold criminal networks to account.

Please support our work and help expose wildlife crime around the world with a gift.

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