Where there’s a Will – supporting our work for the environment and for future generations

This month we mark EIA’s 35th anniversary, an opportunity to reflect on all we have achieved.

As founders, Allan Thornton, Dave Currey and I could never have predicted that we would become a globally respected environmental organisation with a spectacular history of tackling environmental crime and abuse.

We could never have anticipated the many wonderful people, past and present, whose work with EIA has every day contributing to further our ambition to make a meaningful difference.

EIA founding directors Allan Thornton, Jennifer Lonsdale and Dave Currey in the mid-80s (c) EIAimage

The ruthless exploitation by insidious environmental criminals who care only about their greedy, destructive short-term profits is particularly depressing but our work has never been easy and we never give up.

Underpinning that constant resolve are our achievements, something to be really proud of and giving hope for future generations to come.

Funding our work has always been a challenge and we sincerely appreciate every grant and donation, no matter how large or small; all are an endorsement of EIA and our work and all contribute towards us achieving our goals.

Remembering a Charity in Your Will Week is an opportunity to thank all our supporters for your enduring support and the difference you make.

It is humbling to know that some people have loyally supported us since the 1990s and that many of our supporters have remembered EIA in their Wills.

Legacies are particularly precious gifts, no matter how large or small – I feel quite emotional knowing that benefactors have such confidence in our work that they want to help ensure it will continue after they have gone.

Over time, legacies have made a hugely important contribution to our work, enabling us to expand beyond our strategies to address new threats to the natural world as they arise.

Legacies are an investment in the future for wildlife, habitats and generations yet unborn. With such loyal supporters on our side, we owe it to them to be here for the long run.

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