The beauty and inspiration of nature at the Wildlife Art Society International’s Annual Exhibition

It was a great privilege to be invited to open the Annual Exhibition of The Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI) on 27 May – EIA very much appreciates being the beneficiary of its 2022 exhibition.

The exhibition runs until tomorrow (5 June) and is well worth visiting. It is being held at Nature in Art in Gloucester, the perfect setting for this wonderful exhibition.

Gemma, TWASI member and EIA supporter

We thank Gemma Waters for being a loyal supporter of EIA for so many years who, in addition to exhibiting her own work, is kindly running an EIA stall at the exhibition to help increase knowledge of EIA’s work.

It was a pleasure to see so many pictures and sculptures in such a wide range of mediums and styles. It was also interesting to meet some of the artists, discuss their work and what inspires them.

Nature is an inspiration to us all and we learn more all the time about its benefits to our mental health and wellbeing. Many of us, of course, knew this all along but it is important that it is now part of wider society’s narrative.

Wildlife artists are important for our wellbeing too because their magnificent work capturing nature in art brings so much joy and inspiration to our homes, exhibitions, galleries, etc.

Thank-you once again for hosting this wonderful exhibition and we congratulate TWASI on its 30th Anniversary.


• For more information on this event, please visit our website