Season’s greetings – and our thanks for a successful year!

On behalf of everybody here at EIA’s London HQ, I’d like to send all of our supporters everywhere compliments of the season and all best wishes for a peaceful and productive new year.

Looking back over the past 12 months, during which EIA celebrated its 30th anniversary, it’s evident that 2014 has been yet another hectic and successful year..

Commercial PhotographyOur achievements this year have included:
• successfully pressuring Internet giant Rakuten to end sales of whale and dolphin meat, although the company continues its sales of elephant ivory;
• exposed top-level criminality and corruption in China and Tanzania over the devastation of elephant populations in the latter;
• leading the efforts of NGOs to push for an ambitious revision of the EU’s F-Gas Regulation, resulting in a partial ban on climate-harmful global warming gases used widely in refrigeration;
• exposing China’s luxury hongmu furniture craze which is driving Siamese rosewood to extinction;
• revealed how Mozambique’s forests are being ransacked for China’s illegal & unsustainable timber imports;
• continued our ongoing campaign to end Icelandic whaling with action alerts targeting businesses involved in the trade.

Our programme of work in the coming year is, as ever, set to be even busier and, although we can’t go into details for security reasons, you can be sure our core campaigns – Forests, Climate, Oceans, Elephants and Tigers – will have their hands full.

And as effective as EIA continues to be, our followers and supporters remain a major part of our successes – every pound you donate, every Tweet you send and every Facebook post you share all help to further and spread word of our vital work on the front lines of environmental crime and exploitation.

If there’s a simple, top-line message to take away from this, it’s the reminder that small groups of people fired by passion and in possession of the facts can make a world of difference.