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Meera’s been funding out how to make a big difference!

I came here to learn about fundraising and, boy, did I learn! Trusts and foundations, legacies, members, all sorts of donors, appeals, raffles, events, social media, advertising, online sales – you name it, I looked it up! No stone was left unturned


Spreading the e-word – are you a clicktivist for EIA?

The knowledge, passion and unswerving dedication shown by all the staff here is truly inspiring and is the lifeblood of the organisation. Which got me wondering – with all the unique investigative work that goes on here, why don’t more people know the name EIA?

EIA facebook page

Our comms team takes the floor!

“It’s no good EIA doing important work, using innovative techniques if no-one ever hears about it!” to quote a frustrated campaigner. The EIA comms department have been working hard to ensure that our message does get out there and our efforts have produced some very positive developments in recent months