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Australia moves to outlaw stolen timber from its markets

Australia’s Parliament has voted in new laws banning stolen timber which require all importers to carry out mandatory due diligence on timber and timber products sourced from overseas in a move which sees Australia join the US and European Union as major timber marketplaces closing their doors to stolen wood


Picking up the pace of the fight for F-gas reform

Fluorinated greenhouse gases, or F-gases, are just about everywhere in contemporary life, from industrial and supermarket refrigeration to foams, air-conditioning systems and water coolers. Among them are HFCs, a family of potent greenhouse gases hundreds to thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide


EIA Euro Parliament event: End in Sight for HFCs

F-Gases, and HFCs in particular, are a rapidly growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. Currently they account for around two per cent of European emissions, but unless urgent action is taken this will increase dramatically, estimates suggest they could account for up to 19 per cent of global emissions by 2050