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Botswana’s historic break from pro-ivory trade bloc

Botswana made a clear statement against ivory trade at the 17th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species when it announced it would voluntarily relinquish Appendix II status for its own elephants to support up-listing all African elephants to the much tougher Appendix I


Future ivory trade is off the CITES table – and about time!

CITES has voted not to adopt a decision-making mechanism (DMM) for future trade in ivory, what does this mean for elephants? EIA always opposed the development of the DMM, we believe any trade in ivory poses a serious threat to elephants, the main objective of the DMM was to facilitate international legal ivory trade


Airlines, Cecil the lion & EIA’s wild-caught bird campaign

It is heart-warming so many people were enraged by the cruel death of Cecil the lion, killed by an American hunter in Zimbabwe, but, as with all social media anger, it doesn’t last very long. Quick wins are great but rare and campaigns should be built on a fact-based footing from which long-lasting solutions are sought.