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Illegal trade map for World Rhino Day reveals new trends in trafficking

An updated interactive map of the global illegal trade in rhino horn depicts seizures and thefts of rhino horn as well as convictions relating to rhino horn trade worldwide from 2006 to September 2017, offering insights into a devastating criminal trade that continues to fuel the large-scale slaughter of rhinos


No time for paper promises at Hanoi wildlife trade meeting

The follow-up to the London and Kasane conferences on illegal trade in wildlife opens in Hanoi, Vietnam. The landmark London Conference brought together heads and representatives of governments to discuss the rise in the illicit trade in wildlife and its negative social, environmental and economic impacts


Mozambique destroys ivory & rhino horn to send clear signal

The Government of Mozambique destroyed one tonne of contraband ivory and 53 rhino horns seized from the international illegal trade. The event is the latest in a growing number of high-profile destructions of illegal wildlife products around the world, calculated to send an unequivocal message