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EIA, breaking the news and making headlines in 2011!

These are just the tip of the iceberg in what’s been a highly productive and busy year for EIA, one in which we also played a key role in achieving a groundbreaking agreement on timber trade between the European Union and Indonesia, and kept tabs on supermarket promises to get rid of greenhouse gases in their fridges


Durban blog: Hope, alarm and the value of sandbags

Our Global Environment Campaigner, Natasha Hurley, attends the 17th International Conference on Climate Change (COP17) in Durban, South Africa and reflects on what happened and the need for countries to overcome political divisiveness to meet the challenges of climate change including the worldwide phase-out of HFCs


Durban blog: Air-con helps focus on issue of F-gases

Our Global Environment Campaigner, Natasha Hurley, writes from the CoP17 meeting in Durban, South Africa where she reflects on the need to phase out hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), greenhouse gases used in air conditioning and refrigeration, despite these efforts being blocked by India, China and the chemical industry