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EIA short documentary Ulin wins at forests film festival

Congratulations to EIA film-maker Leo Plunkett, whose short film Ulin has just been named one of the winners of an environmental short film festival.

The film took second place in the ‘Shorts: Films Under 40 Minutes’ category of the Rainforest Partnership’s Films for the Forest festival in Austin, Texas.

Ulin is a film about two Dayaks – Edo and Wancino – who each in their own way are striving to protect the precious rainforest. Edo’s community has held on to a beautiful hotspot of biodiversity in Indonesia’s Central Kalimantan through, he believes, the power of a curse; Wancino is an investigator probing the criminal enterprises that threaten this forest with destruction.

The film was first screened at the Paris climate conference in December last year and has subsequently been shortlisted in several other international film festivals..

Taking first place in the same category at Films for the Forest was Hope, about Indonesia’s Dayak Iban made by former EIA film-maker Paul Redman.