EIA podcast – will Mexico’s crackdown on illegal fishing give vaquitas a fighting chance?

With only an estimated 10 individuals left, the vaquita porpoise is the world’s most endangered marine mammal, pushed to the edge of extinction by illegal fishing for the dried swim bladders of totoaba fish which are in high demand in Asia.

But despite the species’ alarmingly low numbers, recent action in their range by Mexico’s Navy appears to give them a fighting chance – now we need consumer countries to take meaningful action to curtail the illegal trade that’s killing them.


Podcast – What on Earth?

Will Mexico’s crackdown on illegal fishing give vaquita porpoises a fighting chance?


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Welcome back to the EIA What on Earth? podcast.

In this episode, EIA Senior Press and Communications Officer Paul Newman is joined by Senior Ocean Campaigner Sarah Dolman and special guest Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho, an internationally recognised authority on vaquitas.

Sarah Dolman

Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho

Paul Newman