EIA podcast – oppression, sanctions and blood teak, hallmarks of Myanmar’s coup

On the third anniversary of the Myanmar military seizing power, the country has effectively seen a return to the violence, plunder and human rights abuses of the former dictatorship in pursuit of control and hard currency.

Despite international sanctions, the current regime still seeks to fund itself through illicit exports of valuable commodities, especially of precious teak which is much sought after for luxury boatbuilding.


Podcast – What on Earth?

Oppression, sanctions and blood teak, hallmarks of Myanmar’s coup on its third anniversary

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Welcome back to the EIA What on Earth? podcast.

In this episode, EIA Senior Press and Communications Officer Paul Newman is joined by Forests Campaigner Kate Klikis to talk about the ongoing impacts of the coup and efforts to stop the military junta from cashing in on Myanmar’s natural commodities.

Kate Klikis

Paul Newman