EIA podcast – ‘If you import natural resources from Myanmar, you’re supporting the military’

EIA’s Forests team has been working on the ground in Myanmar since the country began to emerge from under the shadow of brutal military dictatorship in 2011, exposing illegal timber trade and helping to provide the tools for meaningful reform of its natural resources sector – but all that changed with the coup on 1 February …


Podcast – What on Earth?

Myanmar: ‘Anybody investing in the natural resource sector is, in essence, supporting the military’


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Welcome back to the EIA What on Earth? podcast.

Ahead of Armed Forces Day in Myanmar tomorrow (27 March), Faith Doherty, our Forests Campaigns Leader, and Alec Dawson, Forests Campaigner, give an overview of the situation and look at the implications for those seeking to import precious teak from the country.

Paul Newman

Faith Doherty, Head of the Forests campaigns

Faith Doherty

Alec Dawson