Investigator Week: Behind the scenes with our undercover investigators

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For more than three decades, EIA’s pioneering undercover investigations have been a unique hallmark of our work.

Using false identities and front companies, our brave and dedicated investigators have been able to successfully pass themselves off to criminals as anything from traffickers in poached ivory to traders in illegal timber – all while documenting critical evidence on hidden recording devices.

Now, for the first time, we can offer you a glimpse behind the scenes to get an idea of just what it’s like to work in such stressful and potentially dangerous situations.

Investigator Week will feature a series of short filmed interviews on key topics, as well as first-hand accounts of working undercover.

Bookmark this page for new updates daily – and the chance to ask questions of your own, which you can send to us via [email protected] by 4pm GMT on Thursday, January 11.

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