World Heritage Dammed

On the eve of a meeting of the World Heritage Committee, EIA urges it to strip the world-famous Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania of its status as a World Heritage Site due to the irreversible damage done by construction of a controversial dam.

Investigator magazine: The team keeping Intelligence right at the heart of all we do

Welcome to the Spring 2021 Investigator magazine, keeping you up to date on our activities and successes. Inside, you can find out about the amazing work behind the scenes by our Intelligence Team, unsung heroes whose ability to crunch the data and make sense of the huge amount of information we get from the field is essential for the success of our campaigns. There’s also a round-up of our key activities, including an update on illegal timber trade out of Myanmar in light of the violent coup of 1 February.

The UK’s Trade in Plastic Waste

Recent years have witnessed an alarming increase in the illegal trade of plastic waste, with high-income countries consuming plastic products and packaging at unsustainable rates, exporting their plastic waste to developing countries with little capacity and infrastructure to manage it.

Rotten to the Core – How to tackle the corrupt networks facilitating wildlife and forest crime

The United Nations General Assembly special session on corruption from 2-4 June 2021 (UNGASS) is an opportunity to highlight the important relationship between environmental crime and corruption and to galvanise governments and relevant agencies into action. The corruption that drives wildlife and forest crime is extensive and systemic and will be difficult to stop; arrests of ‘rogue individuals’ will not prevent further corruption. However, there are steps which EIA believes could be effective.