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Chinese court issues a five-year jail term for selling tiger bone wine

A court in Chancheng, Guangdong province, in China has convicted an individual under the charge of illegal transport and sale of endangered wildlife. Mo sold tonic wine containing wildlife products such as tiger bone. We applaud the investigation and the issuing of such a strong sentence for wildlife crime in China.


Tigers threatened by reckless profiteering in lion bones

The world’s remaining tigers are living under severe threat of extinction, having lost 93 per cent of their historical range and suffered a population crash of 95 per cent during the past century. The major threat to their continued existence is poaching to meet the high demand in Asia for their parts and derivatives


China’s tiger farms are a threat to the species

There are now 5,000-6,000 tigers kept in more than 200 facilities across China – many in horrific conditions and exhibiting symptoms of severe mental and physical distress as well as genetic deformities – in an industry which has sustained and stimulated demand for tiger parts and drives the poaching of wild tigers