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A tiger in captivity

Wenzhou circus tiger case exposes flaws in China’s trade

Thousands of captive tigers throughout China and South-East Asia are destined to be butchered for meat and bones, their skins turned into luxury home décor. Licensed trade in the skins of captive-bred tigers in China poses an enforcement nightmare as it masks and stimulates illegal trade.


30 game-changing years of exposing environmental crime

This week, the Environmental Investigation Agency celebrates 30 years. We differ from other NGOs in our strong focus on environmental criminality, dispatching investigators to work undercover with hidden cameras, false-front companies and assumed identities, often in harrowing and potentially dangerous circumstances


World Elephant Day – time for global action beyond words

Today is World Elephant Day and around the globe actions and events are taking place to mark the occasion. While it reassuring that the plight of elephants remains in the public consciousness, the rate of poaching and illegal trade is still high, with large seizures continuing to be made and consumer markets growing